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Zoe\'s Car Wash

Zoe Needs Your Help To Tune Up And Repair Her Crashed Car. Help Her In The Garage To Make Her Car Look As New As When She First Bought. Are You Ready To Join Her..? The Car Is Totally Damaged, First Start With A Clean Wash. Remove The Rust, Fix All The

World Cup League

Play against the world\'s top national teams in a league format. Can you finish on top of the table after 7 grueling match days and lift that trophy for your country?

Super Monster Truck Xtreme

Collect coins to unlock and customize 9 trucks. Race through desert, ice and prairie in 24 challenging levels! (more coming soon!) Equip your truck with useful items to reach the goal in no time!


A fantastic ballon racer where you have just one chance

Run Student

Russian student life is hard and full of danger. Imagine that you prostulis with wild hangover and are late for an important lecture. Forward and good luck, beware of the dangers lie in wait for you. You must jump through the open hatches, the homeless

Scrap Metal

Presenting Scrap Metal! You are in charge of a robot boxer working his way through the boxing circuit. You manage the Comeback Kid, robo boxer in training. 30 rounds of boxing! 30 robot arms to earn and upgrade with. Dialog from your beloved trainer

The Ship Captain

The Ship Captain. You have to collect treasures with your sailboat. Use the Q and W keys and the Mouse. Depending on the time you get your rank.

Typo Runner

Run against 7 opponents in this fun filled racing game. By using speed and accuracy, type your way to power-ups and rush past your competitors. 4 Levels of difficulty from beginner to pro.

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Imagen del juego Winx Club: Believix in You para Nintendo DS
Winx Club: Believix in You para Nintendo DS

Namco Bandai nos informa mediante nota de prensa de la firma de un acuerdo con Rainbow S.P.A para la distribución de Winx Club: Believix in You, una nueva entrega de esta famosa franquicia inspirada en la popular serie de animación para jóvenes; esta nueva entrega será editada para la portátil Nintendo DS y llegará a los terriorios europeos el próximo mes de octubre de este año.

Imagen del juego Black Mirror 2 finaliza su desarrollo
Black Mirror 2 finaliza su desarrollo

La conocida compañía dtp Entertainment de origen alemán, ha dado a conocer una noticia de bastante importancia. Y es que ha anunciado que el desarrollo de Black Mirror 2 la que será la nueva entrega de esta mítica aventura gráfica, ha sido concluído con éxito. Por otro lado sobre el juego decir que esta secuela nos ubicará de nuevo y como era de esperar en Willow Creek, donde nos espera una intrigante historia de terror.

Imagen del juego Capcom insinua una secuela de Street Fighter IV
Capcom insinua una secuela de Street Fighter IV

Tras unas ventas bastante importantes y generadoras de fuertes ingresos, muchos son los que hablan de que Capcom ya podría estar trabajando en algún tipo de secuela para Street Fighter IV. Una secuela de la cual ya se comenta alguna cosa.

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