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Floppy Pony

The floppy pony is very happy to play with you today. This pony is a magical one because it belongs to a famous princess from a magical castle. It accepted the challenge to came and play with you a flappy game. The pony is very brave and it got lots

Zoe\'s Car Wash

Zoe Needs Your Help To Tune Up And Repair Her Crashed Car. Help Her In The Garage To Make Her Car Look As New As When She First Bought. Are You Ready To Join Her..? The Car Is Totally Damaged, First Start With A Clean Wash. Remove The Rust, Fix All The

Oftalmologjia- pjesa e dyt?

Kyështë një kuiz nga Oftalmologjia. Kuizi përmban 10 pyetje, ku secila pyetje ka 3 opcione, vetëm njëri opcion është i saktë. Kjo është pjesa e dytë e këtij kuizi. Testoni njohuritë tuaja në Oftalmologji ose mësoni ato gjëra që nuk i keni ditur. This

Make Family Salad

Do you eat only healthy food? After I read an article about how damaged and dangerous is the junk food, I have decided to fight for my family s healthy preparing only food that it is good for the human organism. Today on the list I have salad. How many

Escape: House of Fear

A great challenge is going on your town. An anonymous has bet 1 million dollars for those who escape from this?House Of Fear? alive!! Rule is simple, you will be locked in this house all alone and the clues will be scattered and hided in the various

color girls nose doctor

Color Girls Cherry, Grace and Gill come to nose doctor\'s office. They need your help in nose problem treatments. Follow the instructions to help the color girls relieve their pain and cure their noses. Now be a real nose doctor and have fun!

Escape from the Trickster

Just put you in a position that your business partner cheated all your profit shares. Knowing this, you went to your partner?s house to meet him. But he trickily locked you in his house and rushing to airport to escape from the city. Are you going to

Delicious French Toast

Hi buddies, here is one of the best and easiest recipe of the world, Frech Toast Recipe. Yeah, spend some time to play this useful recipe game and learn how to prepare a simple and tasty frech toast. You can do this wonderful recipe yourself at your

Otorinolaringologjia - Pjesa e par?

Kyështë një Kuiz nga Otorinolaringologjia. Ky kuiz përmban 10 pyetje me 3 ose 4 opcione ku vetëm njëri opcion është i saktë. Kjo është pjesa e parë e këtij e kuizi. Testoni njohuritë tuaja në Otorinolaringologji. This is a quiz of otolaryngology. This

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Imagen del juego Un millón de PS3 Slim despachadas en las dos primeras semanas
Un millón de PS3 Slim despachadas en las dos primeras semanas

Kaz Hirai no ha dado mucho de que hablar durante esta pasada madrugada en su conferencia pero sin embargo si nos ha dejado algún que otro detalle más que interesante. Y es que tenemos que hablar de la reciente PS3 Slim de nuevo, y es que la llegada de este modelo que consume menos, pesa menos y es más pequeño ha disparado la demanda de PlayStation 3.

Imagen del juego Left 4 Dead: Crash Course se retrasa hasta el Martes
Left 4 Dead: Crash Course se retrasa hasta el Martes

Buen disgusto el que os habéis tenido que llevar todos aquellos que halláis encendido vuestra Xbox 360 en el día de hoy para descargaros el esperado Crash Course, el nuevo paquete de contenido de Left 4 Dead, y os halláis percatado de que el contenido que tanto esperábais no está en Xbox Live. Ni tampoco esta en Valve así que ni os molestéis.

Imagen del juego La demo de Wolfenstein ya disponible en Xbox Live
La demo de Wolfenstein ya disponible en Xbox Live

Más vale tarde que nunca, es lo que han debido pensar los chicos de Activision y los estudios de Raven Software ya que en el día de hoy por fin podemos encontrar la demo de Wolfenstein disponible en el bazar de Xbox Live. Y es que decimos que más vale tarde que nunca ya que si hacéis memoria recordaréis que el juego fue lanzado al mercado el pasado 28 de Agosto y de eso hace ya casi un mes.

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