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Magical Glory

Shoot arrows and cast mighty spells to defense your fort! Can you stand strong in front of the none-stopping attack waves?

Who Stole The Carrot

?Who Stole the Carrots? is a colourful game with a twist, created only in 48 hours, during ?Game Jam Kaunas 2014?. Game Jam theme: ?We don?t see things as they are, we see them as we are?. Creators&Team Members: Mantas Kavaliauskas, Modestas Povilaitis,

Cycle; Third Dream

Welcome to the peaceful world of Cycle. Earn cash by going fishing, mining and harvesting as you work to pay off your mortgage.

Virus Wars: Beginning

This laboratory is providing experiments with viruses. The viral cells are very survivable, but when they meet rival cells, they are being mutually neutralized. Here your task is to help one type of viruses win this eternal war.

Warrior of Math

Fight your way to the top by using the power of multiplication!

Girly And Fashion-Y

What\'s the new fashion trend on the red carpet this year? It\'s definitely Girly and Fashion-y! Take a look at Christina\'s new wardrobe and you will know. She will be accepting the award of Leading Actress. Could you help her choose the most hot and

Treasure Miner - a mining tycoon game

Treasure Miner is a classic sandbox game. Build your own mine infastructure and be the first miner, who discover rare artefacts, ores and gems. Sell your discoveries and expand your mine with new buildings, more lifts or better equipment. You can also

Tronic Worlds

Create Your own world and share it with other players on the planet!

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